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File by Phone

Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 10:00pm

California: 866.642.2567
Other States: 800.293.0616

File by Fax

California: 866.642.1234
Other States: 217.726.6943

A representative will contact you within 24 hours once coverage is confirmed.

Find a Provider

Meadowbrook, Inc.


Download Employee Info on Meadowbrook, Inc. MPN

For the Meadowbrook, Inc. MPN Contact, call 800.825.9489 ext. 3131



Download Employee Info on Midwest MPN

For the Midwest MPN Contact, call 866.642.2567

  • *To obtain a copy of the required MPN notifications, please call the MPN contact listed for your specific MPN plan above.
  • **Injured Worker: Refer to your provider access voucher under the employee information section for the appropriate MPN plan.

Find a Pharmacy



For the Healthesystems 24-Hour Customer Service Center,
call 800.758.5779